The Farm Business Toolbox with National Farmers Union

2121212We understand that embarking on the journey of starting your own farm business is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. The agriculture landscape is vast, and the possibilities are endless. Our partners at National Farmers Union understand that growing conditions and production practices present demanding challengings. They also know that these are not the only skills that present day farmers must maintain. Farmers must have a high degree of business savvy!


National Farmers Union has introduced the Farm Business Toolbox. It includes 8 topics that identify a farm operation’s strong points and weak areas. It helps direct efforts for business health improvement. The topics are:

● Business Formation – The legal form under which your farm business is organized has significant consequences regarding liability and debt collection. It’s important to know which organization is most advantageous for you, your farm, and your family.

● Labor and Contractors – To avoid unintended regulatory implications or liabilities, farmers need to know labor laws and apply them.

● Accounting – An effective accounting system will facilitate cash flow management and beneficial interactions with tax authorities and lenders.

● Credit – Farmers may need loans for any part of their business, so it is important to maintain good financial records. This will also help increase the likelihood of successful loan applications.

● Land – It is critical to understand the nature of your relationship to the land to make informed decisions and assist you in searching for or gaining access to land.

● Production and Marketing – Improving marketing practices may ultimately enhance your ability to produce in the manner and volume you would prefer.

● Taxation – Farmers need to know how the tax code treats their businesses differently from other businesses.

● Business Planning, Other – A good business plan helps keep you focused on profitability and wealth-building.


Starting a farm business is a journey that requires passion, dedication, and careful planning. By cultivating a clear vision, conducting thorough research, and embracing sustainable practices, you can sow the seeds of success in your farm venture. Whether you’re tending to crops, raising livestock, or practicing agroecology, may your farm business thrive and contribute to the growth of a sustainable and resilient agricultural community. Happy farming!


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